About NVC

Geek, But Make It Fashion.

Nerdy Vegas Chic derived from the love of fashion, geek, and Vegas. Seeing an opportunity to cultivate the geek fashion community in Vegas, one nerd started a blog to bring people together. The mission is to share awesome finds on geek fashion, lifestyle, and pop culture. NVC aims to connect, inspire, and build relationships in the Las Vegas community. NVC Shop was created to provide women with everyday fandom gear they can wear that will empower, inspire, and promote a positive life.

From the Fashion Nerd

Hey Friends! I have loved fashion and retail ever since I started my first job as a sales associate at Anchor Blue back in 2005. Although I tried out other career outlets, fashion was always the consistent thing in my life that I felt drawn to. I love communicating the latest trends and helping people find awesome product that inspires them. Since then, I have worked for various companies in different fashion divisions to understand the whole scope of the trade – customer service, merchandising, buying/trend forecasting, and fashion styling.
Fashion is just one of the many ways we communicate who we are; it is a creative outlet for expression. My mission in life is to help others translate who they are through finding their personal style and writing about the latest in the fandom fashion niche. Fandom Fashion is one of the fastest growing niches thanks to many trailblazers who made “geek couture” popular.
NVC Shop is a long time passion project of mine – creating minimally geek chic tees for all. I have always loved graphic tees and verbiage tees; my wardrobe is probably 50% tees. Tees are a way to wear fun and empowering quotes in everyday outfits. Thank you for checking out Nerdy Vegas Chic and I look forward to getting to know more of you on this fandom fashion quest.
- Jen 
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