Why Leslie Knope is the Ultimate Friend

One of my favorite things about Leslie Knope is her ability to empower and lift up her friends. Whether it’s over complimenting Ann, empowering April to be a powerful woman in government, or even just helping Andy get a job, she finds ways to go above and beyond for people. She even does this for people who are jerks. How many times did she help Jeremy Jam out even though he was the biggest jerk? She inspires us all to do better and be better and teaches us how to be thoughtful.

The Most Encouraging Affirmations

All fans know Leslie Knope gives compliments that are extra, especially when it comes to Ann. We all probably have a favorite – mine is “Ann, you rainbow infused space-unicorn.”  What’s even more astounding is how she tailors each affirmation. She showered April with affirmations on how intelligent she was and Donna on her fierce independence.  With Ben, it was affirmations on how she felt about him or reassuring him when he needed it most. She knew what her friends needed to hear and when they needed to hear it.

Leslie Knope is Strongly Supportive

When anyone needs support, Leslie is first in line. Whether its emotional support for listening or backing someone up on a project, she supports her friends, even if she doesn’t agree with it at first. April started to think about her future and realized she didn’t want to be in government work forever. Leslie made sure April had the right resources to help her find her dream job and true passion. She is the prime example on how to be supportive even when we might not agree with the decisions. When her friends failed, she was right there to help with the next step without judgment. When Ann wanted to have a baby, after her shenanigans with trying to make Ann change her mind, she went above and beyond to help Ann with anything she needed.

Loyalty Knows no Bounds

Leslie is someone who is fiercely loyal to her friends. During her time at city council, there were many times she was pressured into being selfish and taking deals to get things moving in her direction. She stayed loyal to her friends and their needs and never gave into the pressure. Tom got mistaken for trying to break into a van when he and Leslie were trying to figure out who planted marijuana in the pit. She stayed at the jail until they let him go and was persistent in making the case to release him.

We can all probably go on about our favorite episodes and examples of Leslie being an amazing friend. We probably all have moments where Leslie has inspired us through her affirmations and encouragement. Parks and Rec is one of the best shows to watch if you are feeling down. The nuggets of wisdom and inspiration all challenge us to be better friends and strive for excellence in our lives.

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