Level Up Expo Las Vegas 2020

Level Up Expo Las Vegas is the premiere Anime/Gaming Convention in the city. It is also one of the bigger fandom conventions that occurs here. It’s the perfect time to get awesome anime art, fashion, and meet awesome voice actors from your favorite shows. There are awesome panels for cosplay, voice acting, and even a geek fashion show. Even if you aren’t hardcore into anime, it’s still a great show to see awesome cosplay and hang out with friends.


Cosplay at Level Up Expo

During the first 2 days of Level Up, I was blown away from the caliber of cosplay. Pretty much everyone dresses up. My Hero Academia was a hot trend this year- Todoroki was one of the top cosplays seen. Harley Quinn was also a popular choice, but there wasn’t just one version of her. It was awesome to see different cosplays of Harley showcasing her style changes throughout the years. Three of my favorite cosplays were Pokémon related – Nurse joy, an Eevee, and an Umbreon.


Something that I was excited to see was the variety of vendors that attended. There were so many awesome artists, apparel booths, and collectibles. There were vendors showcasing the latest in VR and arcade gaming as well.

A new vendor at the show was Rivalry Cosmetics. They are a cruelty free cosmetics company. They have blush, eye shadow, and lip gloss. You can pick out of two colors for hardware, which is a compact. Each compact has a magnet that you can use to house your customized palettes. The pigments are bright and perfect to let you create.

My Faerietale is a unique vendor and creator of “Pot People.” You can get your favorite characters in little figurines sitting in pots! The characters range from Mario, to Doctor Who, to Marvel!

If you are into fashion and cosplay, then SiQ Clothing has amazing fashion for your nerdy side. The costumes have so much detail put into them. You can get accessories to a full costume and custom pieces.

Level Up Expo Fashion Show

This year at Level Up Expo Las Vegas, NVC was proud to be a part of a geek fashion show. With the rise of fandom fashion, it is important to cultivate that community and support designers. There were 8 brands this year – Rina Cali, Ryura Designs, Created by Nerds, Left Side 91, Label, Angel Stellar Designs, and of course, NVC. Each had their own unique flair for fandom fashion.

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