Geek Chic Outfits for Summer

Gearing up for summer means fun florals, bright colors, and less layers. As a geek, I’m always on the hunt for fun pieces to pair with my fandom tees. My summer wardrobe consists of fun shorts, light weight pants, and flirty skirts I can mix and match. Each piece is usually interchangeable with others, so I get the most out of it.

Always take time to edit your wardrobe before purchasing new pieces. See what still fits, what styles you are still into, and get rid of pieces that don’t fit with the style you envision. Personally, I like to search through Pinterest of Google trends so I can get a mood or identity I want to have for that season. I’ll see what I have, get rid of pieces that don’t fit that vision, then make a list of certain pieces I want or create an inspiration board on Pinterest of styles that fit that idea.

When putting an outfit together, keep in mind the color and pattern balance, even when mixing and matching patterns. Unless you are strong with mixing and matching patterns, I suggest sticking with basics and one statement piece. The statement piece can be anything – that bright fun floral skirt you love, a hot pink blazer to layer with, gold colored shoes, or a crazy fun fandom bag from Loungefly.

Geek Chic Short Outfits

Shorts! For this first outfit, I paired my Captain Marvel Jordanedene top with some basic shorts, the paired a floral blazer that had similar colors for a layering piece. The blazer is lightweight enough, so I don’t become over heated. For shoes, I went with yellow flats that are the same color as the art to pull the whole outfit together. You can see I am not too “matchy-matchy”, but I am consistent with the color scheme.

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I love bold striped pieces! The saying goes horizontal lines make you look wider, and vertical lines make you look longer. Personally, I don’t think it’s necessarily the lines as it is the piece you are wearing. I feel wider in a vertical tented dress than I do in a horizontal top. Sometimes, the width of the stripe is too chunky and makes me feel wider than I am. It’s all about the piece you have, and how you style it. For instance, these shorts from Forever 21 are smaller stripes that alternate colors. The short is also high wasted, so it helps lengthen my torso. They pair perfect with cute booties for an edgier look. I balanced the bright colors on the shorts with a black top and white booties. Since both the shirt and booties are black and white, they help make the look cohesive. The shorts have white stripes in the print so that color flows throughout the whole outfit.

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Geek Chic Skirt Outfit Ideas

It’s no secret, I am obsessed with fun skirts, especially this year. I have been able to find some bold prints that go so well with my favorite tees. Most of my graphics tees end up being black, since I’m naturally dawn to that color on clothes. Black is a universal color that looks great on almost everyone. So of course, I like to have bottoms besides jeans or black slacks to make my outfit more magical. Since most of my tops are black, I make sure when adding skirts that they will look good with those black tees so I can mix and match.

Cheetah/Leopard print is a great print because the colors are neutral colors. You can pair it with almost any other color. I have been seeing this print on a skirt allover Pinterest, so of course when I finally found one, I was thrilled. Since this is a bold print, I prefer to keep my tops and shoes more basic. This whole look is a very 90’s vibe with the rounded classes, tee, and wedge shoes.

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Floral prints will never go away, and I love that! It makes it easier to find a good solid piece you love, and recycle it year after year with a change of top or accessories that give the skirt new life. This skirt I’m wearing I’ve had for 3 years, and it still looks great and the style is relevant. For me. Florals make any outfit more feminine and magical. The tank I’m wearing is a new design from Created by Nerds. The quote is from Tolkien and says, “It simply isn’t an adventure if there aren’t any dragons”. Pairing it with this skirt gives me mythical and magical vibes.

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Geek Chic Pant Outfit Ideas

When one thinks summer fashion, pants aren’t typically on the top of the list. Living in Vegas, it’s nearly impossible to wear pants during the summer because it gets so hot. Nine times out of ten I’m in shorts and lightweight tops or a short summer dress or skirt. Ladies let’s admit it, we don’t always get time to shave our legs, and shorts are typically frowned upon at work. There are options for climates that aren’t as hot, or for the times we can’t show off our legs. I suggest a lightweight cotton pant or a poly-spandex pant that is flowy. That way you can be comfortable.

This outfit I went with a cotton pant from HM. Pants like these are inexpensive, and more on the disposable fast fashion side. I will purchase different patterns and maybe one black pair and wear them for one or two years. You can always repurpose the fabric into shorts or other things, or donate to Goodwill, Savers, or other secondhand stores to stay ecofriendly. My favorite place in Vegas is Plato’s Closet, because they will pay for clothes they can resell, so I know it will be reused. If it’s in worse condition, I donate to Goodwill trucks.

Back to this outfit, I initially purchased it to go with a different outfit, but when I got home, I was able to pair the colors with his Captain Marvel tank from Target. That’s what I want to drive home – find mix and match pieces! The red, white, and blue will go with so much! Hotter day I can wear flip flops and a basic white tank, and still look chic.

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These black flowy straight leg pants I found at Express a year ago. They are light weight, and don’t stick to me. What I love is how comfortable they are, and the look is chic. I have a basic tee paired with them here, and the outfit still looks professional. Throw on a black blazer for work, and you have a great power suit look. The black pants are something I can switch with pretty much any top, and create a summer chic look.

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If you noticed, I didn’t focus on year specific trends for silhouettes or colors. Fashion always repeats itself, so make sure you by a mix of staple pieces and trendy pieces to balance your wardrobe. You don’t have to always be on top of every trend to look chic. What is important is that you are comfortable and love your individual style. You might not like the way shorts look on you, but when it comes to skirts, you make each work for you in a way no one else can do. Take time to search through racks for special pieces that will make you feel empowered. If you are like me, wear one of your favorite geeky pieces and try on pieces with that tee so you can get a sense of what it can look like. If you don’t like shopping, or feel like you don’t know where to start, reach out to a friend with style that you like, or find a good personal shopper who can help you navigate your true style.

I hope these pieces inspire you as your shop!

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