Five Geeky New Year’s Resolution Ideas

I'll admit it – I’m not a fan resolutions. It’s this weird pressure we put on ourselves to make drastic changes for the better. We want to work out more, eat better, save more money, etc. Honestly, it’s usually a halfhearted wish we make, with no real plan to follow through. I feel like the problem is, they are things we think we should do, brought on by peer pressure. Here are 5 geeky resolution ideas for the new year that are fun and easy to achieve. These are things we actually might want to do that involve our favorite fandoms.

Go to Comic Con You’ve Never Been to Before

Been putting off going to that comic con you always wanted to go to? Plan and make it happen! Get some friends together and have fun! Even if you go alone, comic cons are great ways to make new friends and experiences. Don’t know where to start? Do a google search for local comic cons in your area.

Watch A New Fandom Show 

Start expanding. It’s never too late to catch up and experience a whole new universe. Start with a list of shows from either recommendations or just shows you never got around to watching. Find a way to watch an episode once a week. If you find that you thoroughly enjoy it, then why not binge? Whether you binge or watch weekly, take time to try something new.

Read A New Fiction Book

How many of us have books we bought and haven’t read yet? Think about a realistic goal you can set for yourself to finish one book and make a list and timeline. Don’t have any new books? I encourage you to read through books that you will enjoy; make a list of fiction you like, ask friends for recommendations, and find something that will inspire you. If you don’t want to commit to purchasing a new book just yet, then ask friends to borrow a book you may be interested in.

Join A New Group 

There are so many groups for different fandoms out there to join. Facebook groups and Instagram hashtags are great ways to connect with other people who have the same love for fandoms. I am involved with a few blog groups, a local fandom group, and I even started one for geeky ladies out here to help connect others. If you can’t find a group, then create your own! There are probably others who are looking to connect just like you, but they don’t know where to start.

Learn A New Skill

This goal is a little more obscure, but is there something you wanted to learn but never did? How about learning to sew to create a dream cosplay? What about wielding a lightsaber? Or learning elvish? Find something you are passionate about and develop a cool skill. The sky is the limit!


These are just a few ideas, and hey, the odds are we don’t follow through. The chances though of achieving a new goal are way greater when it’s something you love, rather than something your heart is not truly in. That is the beauty of making a geeky resolution. Comment below with other ideas for fun goals!



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